Dr David Cremonesini

Private Consultant Paediatrician
Allergy Speciali

I am a Private Paediatrician and see all General problems but specialise in following conditions:

  • Food Allergy / Anaphylaxis
  • Eczema
  • Asthma and Hayfever
  • Cough, breathing problems
  • Constipation / Headaches and other general problems

kidsdietlogojpg I work closely with a children's dietician (Jo Rayner) in Bedford, link to here website is here

Who Am I?

  • Consultant Paediatrician since 2009
  • Allergy specialist with publications
  • Trained in Oxford & Royal Brompton Hosp
  • NHS Consultant in Hinchingbrooke Hosp

Where can you see me?

Services Provided

  • 30mins to address all paediatric problems
  • Skin Prick Testing for food & asthma trigger
  • Blood test for all allergies
  • Food challenges / Immunotherapy
  • Chronic cough / asthma review
  • Eczema review
  • Constipation / abdo pain / headaches

David listened to my sons problems right from the very start, something I had yet to experience with the NHS treatment we had received so far! He gave a quick and completely true diagnosis, and even went as far to write to my consultant in the NHS and basically got me the treatment we have been after for 18 months. All within weeks. An outstanding doctor, very approachable, great with kids - and made me feel at ease. I thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!!!!!!



Skin Prick Testing

Skin Prick Testing is a test I do in clinic and is less invasive then a blood test and gives me a result in the clinic so we can plan more accurately your childs care of his/her allergic problem. It helps for the following:

  • Tells us what are the allergic triggers to asthma/hayfever eg pets
  • Confirms what a child is allergic too when matched to a history of reaction
  • Helps in finding out what to avoid to improve eczema
  • THEY DO NOT HELP IN FOOD INTOLERANCES, there is no accurate test for this problem - see this article


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